The source code of all projects, cookiecutters, and Docker images are stored in GitHub, under the stracquadaniolab organization.

Account setup

Register a GitHub account at To be added to the stracquadaniolab organization, send an email to Giovanni with your GitHub username.

Get a Personal Access Token (PAT)

GitHub requires a Personal Access Token (PAT) to access repositories programmatically, e.g. when cloning or pulling a repo, or pulling a docker image. PATs are personal and must not be shared with anyone.

You can obtain a PAT as follows:

  1. Login to GitHub
  2. Go to your account Settings > Developer Settings > Personal access tokens, and click on Generate a new token.
  3. In the form, put a name, e.g. Personal PAT, and select an expiration date, e.g. 3 years. Then, select the scopes you want to get access for; it is highly recommended you only tick repo, workflow, write:packages.
  4. Click Generate token and make sure to save the string, which you will get in the new page and it looks like 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, since it will be shown only once.