Reference manager

We use Zotero as the standard reference manager for the lab. It is open source, it exports in BibTex and can be used across MacOS, Linux and iOS.

Install Zotero

Go to the Zotero homepage and download the executable for your machine.

Papers storage and synchronization

Zotero comes with a very limited amount of space, but it allows to store and synchronize papers across devices using a WebDav server. At this time, the best option is to create a pCloud account, a cloud service that gives you up to 10Gb for free and supports WebDav.

To store your papers in pCloud follow these steps:

  1. Go to Preferences > Sync.
  2. Tick the option Sync attachment files in my library using: and select WebDav.
  3. Finally set the WebDav parameters as follows:
    • URL: and https protocol.
    • Username: <your-pcloud-username>
    • Password: <your-pcloud-password>
  4. Click Verify server

Your papers are now stored and synchronized with pCloud.