Postdoc position in machine learning for cancer network biology

A highly motivated candidate is invited to join our research group as a postdoctoral researcher. Dr Stracquadanio’s lab is interested in developing analytical methods to understand the molecular mechanisms underpinning cancer. Recently, the lab has developed methods to characterise how inherited mutations affect cancer predisposition in the broader population (Stracquadanio et al., 2016; Stracquadanio et al, 2016; Fanfani et al, 2019). Now, we seek to identify the pathways controlling metabolic reprogramming in cancer, by integrating RNA-seq and proteomic data; this is a Wellcome Trust funded project in collaboration with the University of Oxford.

Applicants should be highly motivated, and aiming at building a high-profile career in cancer data analysis. The ideal candidate has strong analytical skills, with relevant experience in statistical learning, machine learning and/or deep learning. Experience in processing and analysing RNA-seq data is essential. Previous experience in proteomics and/or graph theory would be an advantage. The candidate should have an outstanding academic track record commensurate with their career stage and experience, ideally including peer-reviewed published work. The candidate is expected to be active in developing the project, to collaborate as appropriate, and to contribute to an enthusiastic working atmosphere. The candidate will benefit from training in a vibrant intellectual and collaborative environment.

Please, apply through the system here: